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Welcome to the captivating blog of our resort, a virtual window into the wonderful world of the Danube Delta! Here, we invite you to immerse yourself in a rich collection of stories, adventures, and tips designed to transport you into the midst of the natural beauty and authentic experiences we offer.

With each article we publish, we aim to share the joy we feel every day in this corner of paradise. From lives of our boat trips through the labyrinthine meanders of the Delta to comprehensive guides for the thrilling fishing you can experience here, we are determined to provide you with a detailed image of what makes this destination so special.

For fishing enthusiasts, you will find articles full of valuable tips, from the best techniques to catch fish to the most suitable equipment to ensure that every fishing experience is a memorable one. Fishing in the Danube Delta is a unique opportunity to test your skills against an impressive variety of fish species, and our blog is here to guide you step by step.

But it’s not just about fishing. Here, you will also find articles about the remarkable biodiversity of the Delta, the bird-watching adventures that can be experienced in these lands, as well as relaxation and nature exploration activities that turn each day into a new chapter of your adventure.

We conclude each article with an open invitation to join us. We look forward to hearing your stories, tips, or questions related to what we’ve shared. So, let’s venture together into the pages of our blog and discover the fascination of the Danube Delta in all its beauty!

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