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Wild Pike Oasis - Pescuit şi relaxare în inima Deltei Dunării


Fishing adventure and culinary delight in the Danube Delta

The Story

Wild Pike Oasis


Two friends and two fishing rods. That was all it took for the WPO story to begin. From then until 2020, when the first thought related to a magnificent resort in the Danube Delta came into being, it was not just one step, but 15 years of friendship and passion for nature.

As the name suggests, Wild Pike Oasis revolves around pike fishing. Located on a small island in the Caraorman area, where the pike has its home, Wild Pike Oasis has become more than just an oasis though. It has become a meeting place for nature and fishing enthusiasts, attracting a diverse community of people who share the same love for the Danube Delta as for its wild beauty.


6 room options

Our resort will offer you a memorable experience with 4-star accommodation in a spectacular natural setting, combining modern comfort with the natural beauty of the Delta. The rooms are spacious and elegantly furnished, all positioned with a view of the Danube waters.


Wild Pike Oasis: Fishing, relaxation and treats

Whether you’re a passionate fisherman or just looking to relax and reconnect with nature, Wild Pike Oasis has everything you need.

To pamper and relax, you have access to our SPA area, where you can enjoy moments of relaxation. Enjoy your time outdoors, on the terrace overlooking the waters of the Danube, where you can have a refreshing cocktail and delicious dishes from our specific local cuisine.

At Wild Pike Oasis, you will find a wide variety of dishes inspired by the Lipovian and Ukrainian traditions, prepared with passion and care to give you a memorable taste experience.

Lipovinese cuisine stands out for its healthy and tasty dishes, with fresh and natural ingredients. Savor authentic culinary delights such as fish borscht, aromatic and flavorful soups, as well as fresh and marinated fish dishes, which are house specialties.

Transfer from Murighiol

We provide for a fee the transfer from and to Murighiol, in the form of apx excursions. an hour, crossing the lakes in the area.

Card payment and holiday vouchers

Our unit accepts both card payments and Sodexo, Up, Edenred cards/holiday vouchers.

Free Wi-Fi

We provide our customers with a free WI-FI internet network, which can also be used outdoors.

Massage Chair

In the SPA area you can enjoy a refreshing massage at any time using the latest generation massage chair free of charge.

Air Conditioning

All rooms in the WPO Resort are equipped with air conditioning, and the roof specific to the area ensures an optimal temperature.


Each accommodation space benefits from a refrigerator with a wide range of minibar products. All this is from the house.

Paradis pentru pescari şi ornitologi

At Wild Pike Oasis, anglers and birders are always welcome. Thanks to our location near the areas where pike thrive, you can have an unforgettable fishing experience. Ornithologists will be delighted to discover an impressive variety of birds in this natural habitat. Wild Pike Oasis is also a family-friendly place where both children and adults can enjoy the beauty of nature and learn about the wealth of avifaunal diversity.
Whether you are an avid angler, an enthusiastic bird watcher or a family looking for memorable experiences, Wild Pike Oasis awaits you with open arms. We invite you to join our thriving community where ornithologists can share their knowledge of local birds and enjoy our unique oasis. Here, friendship is formed around a shared passion for nature, adventure is intertwined with bird watching and study, and the beauty of nature is truly exceptional.